About us

The international vaulting tournament CVI BERN is a project of lg global net GmbH. It has been initialized in 2016 by the two co-presidents, Lukas Heppler and Gabie Laffer.

Since the first event in 2015, the CVI has grown, in its image as well as in its performance. Around the two project organizers a strong and engaged core team has been formed. Over 150 volunteers from the vaulting department at the National Horse Center Bern, members of national vaulting clubs and privat person support the event with big engagement.

This year, Bea Hohl is part of the team as President of Honour (see introduction on the home page).


Bea Hohl Ehrenpräsidentin
Gabie Laffer Co-President, Director Event
Lukas Heppler Co-President, Director Sport
Alana Sohm Meldestelle, Sekretariat
Barbara Zürcher Volunteers
Philipp Schäble Volunteers, Sekretariat
Madlaina Martig Sicherheit, Sekretariat
Daniel Heppler Infrastruktur, Live Stream, IT
Peter Aeschlimann Bodenpflege, Infrastruktur
Simone Meier Stall
Renato Belloni Verkehr
Simone Brenn Medizin
Trybhouz Food Truck
Sabine Aeschlimann Crêpes
Nadia Meier Online Marketing
Gabie Laffer Kommunikation