CVI Bern 2020

The CVI Bern 2019 is over. We thank all vaulters from over nine nations for a fair competition and impressive performances, the many volunteers for their engagement, and all our partners for their generous support. Many thanks also to the numerous visitors, who could experience the fascination of the vaulting.

We are pleased to announce the next CVI Bern, which will take place from 7 to 10 May 2020 at the National Horse Center NPZ Bern.

DELANCE Star of the Day

DELANCE Star of the Day Vaulting is high acrobatics on a horseback, it is precise movement, harmony of the rhythm between the horse and the athlete, lightness combined with stability. In this discipline, women are the Queens and let us experience intense emotions. This is the reasons why DELANCE, the watch of women’s time, is […]

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Die CVIBERNLOUNGE ist auch für Sie die ideale Plattform, um sich in einem einzigartigen Ambiente optimal in Szene zu setzen und sich enger mit Ihren Kunden, Mitarbeitern oder Freunden zu vernetzen.

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CVI Bern – eine (noch) wenig bekannte Sport-Eventperle

Sponsoring Extra Dezember 18 Der zweiseitige Beitrag zum CVI Bern 2019 im SPONSORING extra, Ausgabe Dezember 2018.

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Bubenberg Druck

Bubenberg Druck ist Print Partner des CVI Bern 2019

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