European Championship Juniors/Young Vaulters approved

The World Equestrian Federation (FEI) decided at its board meeting on 21 June 2022 to allocate the FEI European Vaulting Championship for Juniors and Young Vaulters to Bern in 2024.

This means that the World Championships for Seniors and the European Championship for Juniors and Young Vaulters will take place simultaneously in the PostFinance Arena in Bern from 15 to 21 July 2024. For the organisers, this major event is a highlight of the international vaulting tournament CVI Bern, which has been held every year at the National Equestrian Centre since 2015. The organising team around Gabie Laffer and Lukas Heppler, and the many volunteers from national vaulting clubs, have successfully implemented the CVI Bern in recent years and gained important experience for an event of this size. “It is the culmination of a series of tournaments and we are looking forward to see vaulting performances at the very highest level in the city of Bern” is the tenor of all those involved.

The city of Bern and in particular Bern Welcome, who have already worked intensively in the bidding process, are also going to cooperate closely with the organiser and supporting the event with tourist services. The Bern Economic Development Agency is pleased that, in addition to the world’s best athletes, the juniors will also be competing for the European Championship medals in Bern. The canton is convinced that the World and European Championships 2024 will set new impulses in the event sector.

This prestigious event also offers an excellent opportunity for the Swiss athletes, the Swiss Vaulting Association (SVV) and the Swiss Equestrian Sports Association (SVPS) to present this little-known sport from its most fascinating and attractive side to a large audience. With the PostFinance Arena and the adjacent rooms of the BernExpo, the organisers have found the ideal location and a perfect infrastructure for the competition and the warm-up circles. The nearby National Equestrian Centre NPZ Bern will provide optimal care for the horses. The spacious facility offers the optimal space for the training and recovery sessions for the over 400 athletes from more than 20 nations.

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